The Brand Vision, The CEO.

The beginning (Noshame Official established 2020)

“NO SHAME OFFICIAL was first created when I experienced body shaming for the first time. While getting to know a guy and having him get angry one day and said that my belly was disgusting, initially I wasn't offended but then I got to thinking about those who struggle with their weight and their body image. That day I decided that I was going to use what he thought would break me down as a tool of empowerment hence where the name NO SHAME came from because I don't want anyone to be ashamed of who they are.”

 Growth 2022

Since then Noshame Official has expanded its vision and is now, not only dedicated to the promotion of self-love but it's also dedicated to providing a way to make a statement without even speaking that is why we believe that our clothes speak for you.

 Lilly was raised in Miami, Florida by a single mother of four. Her parents traveled from Haiti to the United States with nothing but the pursuit of a better life. Very early on her mother taught her the importance of entrepreneurship, she grew up watching her mother work a full-time job to raise four kids and also have small side businesses. She also taught Lilly how to buy goods and make a profit this inspired Lilly to start selling candy in elementary school.

 “ I owe everything to my family they have been my greatest supporters as a first born American I feel that it is important to take care of my family back home in Haiti, this is why being successful is so important to me because I came from nothing I am the beginning of my families generational wealth.”